hey, you guys that live in the northeastern United States can I just tell you about a thing

because on January 29th, Pete Hook (bassist for Joy Division and New Order; frontman for Peter Hook and The Light) is going to be in New York doing a signing of his new Joy Division book

(he’s got a whole two-week tour of major American cities; check this out if you’re not near New York)

but then after that, on the same goddamned day

the Strummerville foundation (set up in memory of Joe Strummer to support music development around the world) are having a benefit show at the Bowery Electric, celebrating the life and music of Joe Strummer and The Clash

and the book signing is free and the gig is twenty dollars a person

and these are musicians that changed the face of the entire music world forever

and we are not going to talk about how absolutely gutted I am that I live less than three hours from New York and can’t get there how I have the most incredible boyfriend in the entire world ever and we are going to New York for the book signing and the concert because he can work miracles apparently

but we are, we are going to talk about how amazing these people are (you already know how I feel about Joe Strummer, and if you don’t yet know how I feel about Joy Division and The Clash, you, uh, may want to think twice about unleashing that avalanche)

and we are going to talk about the fact that this is kind of a mind-blowing opportunity and it’s never going to happen again and if there is any possible way that you can make it to New York for this stuff

you should go.

so, uh, this is a signal boost, I guess.

and if you do go, please tell me about it. but maybe not until afterward, because of that whole gutted thing you can say hi to me and Giles because we are going to be there