This is “Sleep Will Come,” by Vini Reilly of The Durutti Column (providing music) and Jez Kerr of A Certain Ratio (providing vocals).  It was recorded in late 1980 as a tribute to Ian Curtis, the late singer of Joy Division and a good friend to both of them.

It is also very difficult to find, and this low-quality recording is the only one I have.  I know it came out as an impossible-to-obtain first release proper for From Brussels With Love, and as an additional track on one of the re-releases of The Return of the Durutti Column, but the music doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, online or otherwise.

So I ask: does anyone know where I can get a better-quality recording of this?  I’m not necessarily looking to find it for free, or in digital form; I’d be glad to pay for it, glad to find it on vinyl or on any other medium; basically, just glad to find it at all.  Getting hold of a copy would be absolutely brilliant, so… let me know if you’ve any leads on it anywhere?