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Apr 20

Apr 18

Haçienda All-Nighter! -

All right, lads, we’re on the air!  Tune in anytime you like over the next fourteen or so hours for punk, post-punk, house, dance, groove, Madchester, baggy, electronica, Britpop, rock, mod, world, Northern soul, and whatever else we end up feeling like.  Good music, (intermittent) good conversation, and a half-decent consolation prize for not being able to be at the actual Haçienda Good Friday party.

Update: we’ve played the Three Before Eight and Frank Wilson’s “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” so that calls an end to this all-nighter.  It was a brilliant time and we’re definitely going to have to do this again one day, but for now, thanks for dropping by, and we’ll let you know next time we do a DJ set over at the Festival of the Twenty-Eighth Summer.

Right, so it’s that time of year again.  Tomorrow is Record Store Day 2014 and music shops all across the world will be getting exclusive releases, selling regional special editions, hosting events, and generally having a fantastic time.  And, of course, if you’re anywhere near a record shop of any kind, you should get in on it as well!  Don’t know what to get?  No problem – read on!

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Apr 17

Haçienda-Themed Good Friday Party -

As promised, tomorrow into Saturday, Giles and I will be DJing a Haçienda-themed all-nighter over at my broadcast channel, the Festival of the Twenty-Eighth Summer.  We’ll be doing a quasi-chronological progression, starting with punk and classic rock, moving into post-punk, house, dance and Madchester, electronica, Britpop, world, you name it.  We’re expecting to start at about seven o’clock Eastern Daylight Time (or midnight at the Haçienda), and we’ll probably run into mid-morning Saturday

As usual, you’re welcome to tune in anytime and come hang out with us.  As usual, song, artist and genre requests are welcome – just shoot me an ask or a submit, or use the suggestion tool on Grooveshark while we’re broadcasting.  And as usual, if you want to know when we begin or if you want to be tagged in future updates, just like this post or let me know!

Apr 15

triforce-of-brixton asked: hey ^^ would you kindly make me a songlist of motivational songs? I'm about to face a really tough boss battle in a video game and I need motivation to not die like I did in the other bosses... WHY HAS THIS GAME TO BE SO HAAAARD?! Thank you :D

Life’s tough and video games are tough and I know things have been difficult for you lately.  I made you a short mixtape, but it isn’t as much of a “mix” as mine usually are.  Instead, I chose some bands and musicians I know you like (The Clash, The Jam, Carbon/Silicon) and put together a few of their most inspirational songs, or at least, the songs that I reckon make you feel a little better about its being “you against the world.”  At least, they make me feel better.

Here's your mixtape.  And remember, as much as it might feel like it, you're never alone.  You've always got mates who'll look out for you if you're feeling down.

Video game bosses you might have to handle by yourself, though…

Apr 08

Apr 04

I want to talk about punk and post-punk and the culture of the newcomer.

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Apr 01


Mar 29


Mar 27

ambrosigonalley asked: Thank you for the recommendations! Can I request a mixtape?

You can always request a mixtape!  I love making them, though it sometimes takes me a while to get them exactly the way they ought to be, and I love getting requests for them.

Anyway, I know you like the Arctic Monkeys and Fall Out Boy, and I know you like energetic or upbeat music, and I also happen to have personally verified that you are extremely awesome – so your mixtape is mostly pop, pop punk, alt rock, and music I would have called “mod” had it come out thirty years ago.  Some of the songs I chose because I thought you’d like them; some I chose because I thought they suited you.

You can find it here, and I hope you like it!  Tracklist, as usual, is under the cut.

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