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Aug 27

I reckon I’d better apologize for having been so absent on here for so long.

I have good reasons, I swear.  The main one is that, as it transpires, Giles and I are moving to Manchester in a few weeks.  (No, honestly.)  I’ve got a job writing and editing; he has a work visa and is looking for work; we’ve booked flights and everything.  Come October, we’ll be living in Manchester.  Pretty cool, eh?

Well, if we can find a flat, that is.  Wish us luck, because it appears to be practically impossible to house-hunt from overseas…

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Jul 30

Modern Prometheus -

Just reminding you guys that I also have a science question blog!

I don’t have a structured posting schedule on it (because of my day job and my comics work, I answer questions whenever I have time), but I’m trying to post more frequently, and I always welcome new ideas even if it takes me a little while to get to them in the rotation.  I answer a lot of questions for writers (everything from fanfiction to professional comics), but anyone can always ask me anything.

Come and check it out!

Download Outré #3 now! -

I have two stories in this free anthology (and gilesdraws was the artist on one) and I highly recommend it!  The work is always quality and there are a lot of cool things to explore.  This issue’s theme is “xenophobia,” so it’s a bit of an odd bird, as the Outré books tend to be.  Check it out!

Also, in case you haven’t yet seen it, here is the link to Outré #2, in which I also had two stories.  That issue’s theme was “hopelessness,” so it isn’t exactly a fun romp through the landscape of the human mind, but it is fascinating.  And hey, more free comics!

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